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Small Cash Advice

           There is lot of earning possibilities on the net. You just need to know which one is right and witch is wasting of your invaluable time. So, which one I’m considering in wasting of time? Here they are: paid e-mails, surfing programs, paid surveys, paid per click, etc. I don’t want to say that there is no good programs in this group, but only that I consider this for wasting of time. Very few people knows how to earn money doing almost nothing. In previous programs that means that you’ll have to refer people to this programs and then you'll get 10-20% of their clicks. You only need to be active from time to time and you’ll collect your money. But, those are very small amounts of cash and all you earn you will give back to referring new people and so again and again and again… Until you start thinking that earning on the web is really wasting of time and give up of everything. If you wish to listen me, you better avoid these programs. Also, you will get very soon with some of them full mailbox with spam mail.

             Another very similar way to earn money on the web, but far, far above previous (similar couse they pay also small amounts), is to be paid for placing posts on forums. What's the  difference? Well, on forums you will learn lots of stuffs. I support this programs with all my heart, especially if they are good ones. Tell me that this is not great:
            You are stuck with something, you don’t have anyone to ask about it and you don’t know what to do. Well, my friend, go to that look-a-like forum, post your question, be paid for your post and in 99% cases you will get solution you are looking for. You will be paid even for posting “Thanks”. 
             In most cases these  forums uses e-gold to paid you your money.

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