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        On the net people buy everything. There is a lot of sites that offer what are called affiliate programs for all sorts of products that you can promote from your site and make a percentage of the value whenever someone buys the product through the link on your site.
        All you have to do is to build website and put banners and links to your affiliate partners. Also you will need traffic here to. More people visit your site - bigger is possibility someone to by something.
        How to find items to sell? You can just do a search on “affiliate programs” and you will find a lot of these offers on the net. If you can’t, than join some of the sites that will  find what you could sell. I recommend this one - LinkShare (sends checks to almost all the countries in the world). If you are lucky and live in countries that this programs cooperated with, than join Commission Junction or Clickbank.

          As I sad, most important thing about earning on the web is traffic. When you aply your site to search engines, you should carefully select words that describes your site best. For example, if you enter a wrong keyword about your site, you may drag some people on it, but as soon as they see that your site is not what they looking for, they will be gone. In most cases, they don't even catch what your site is about.  In the other hand, most people that could be interesting in what you have to offer will not find your website, cause you didn't enter right keywords. And one more thing: over 80% of all online transactions begin with a keyword search. So, pick your keywords carefully.

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