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Advices and Instructions for
Google AdSense

        Great! You are interested in Google AdSense! Well, I think that this is most greatest way to earn money on the net. How it works? Simple - all you need is traffic.
         When you build your site, you apply for the Google AdSense and after reviewing  your site, they will e-mailed you with detailed instructions how to place Google AdSense on your pages, of course, if you fulfill all the terms (no porn, paid e-mails, etc). Click here and here to see Google AdSense terms.
         Your site can be about anything, but you also must think about traffic. When you put Google AdSense on site, he do next: examine your text to see what you saying about and then shows ads from Google partners which have something similar with your site. They pay to Google AdSense for showing their links and you get good part of it if someone is interested about them and click on those ads. Possibilities someone to click on ads are big, cause ads are alike with your page.

           So, how to get traffic?
        Easy - you should browse forums, blogs, or similar sites like yours and ask for link exchange people who owns sites. I post on previous pages links to some quality forums where you can easily find your link partners and lots of explanation about everything. Than you should put their links on your site, they will put yours and - Voila! You have traffic and checks from Google AdSense starts to com.
        Second, but first thing you should do is to submit your site to search engines (google, msn, etc). Here is link for Google search engine.
        How much you can earn with this? Who knows? Possibilities are enormous. Maybe you will quit your regularly job very soon. It depends later only of traffic.
      For any further explanation and start with earnings go to Google AdSense:

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