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Open Money Account

       In order to start earning, you'll need to open some money account on the web. There is lot of virtual banks on the net, but I highly recommend this next two:
          PayPal - Most popular paying method on the net, but with one luck: they don't  send checks in all the countries. I’m from one of them.
        E-Gold - In this bank you don't gather money, but gold. Gold value oscillate, so you can earn some extra money with that, but I think that you better avoid this gambling like stuff. For start you only need to know how high is value of gold. When value is low, you should request your payment to your e-gold account. When value rises, you should request check from e-gold. E-gold is most popular when low payment requests are about. Most of serious sites will pay you every single cent that you earn same moment when you request your payment. Open account in e-gold, than join program Look2Earn and you will see what I am talking about. E-gold is my favorite transaction method on the web. They don't send you checks in gold, but of course, in cash.

             Warning: you should never, ever give your passwords from this sites to anyone!  There is lots of hacking tools also on the web, so be aver. Always check that you are on right place before you submit your password and login name. Here is one of hacking try posted in e-mail.
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