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        Web is full with shareware web hosting services, but, from some reason, on the net exist free services to. Many of them are not to good, bat next couple of - are. Anyway, if you are not satisfied with this couple of freebies, at the bottom of this page is a link to my next page with enormous huge list of all kind of free web host services. Enjoy!


is built on 50webs!

        They have a lot of paying packages, but this they offer for free: 60mb of free hosting, on which you can put as many domains as 60mb alows you and most important thing here - there is no banners that ruin look of your site! So if you looking for best free web hosting service, try with  50webs.


            If you need to upload your pictures on the net, then use this free service. This is good thing when you have some free site which does not allows to many space, then you upload your images here and put links from your site to them. No signing up needed. Great!

Free Autobot

    FreeAutobot automatically sends e-mails to everyone who requests further information from your e-mail marketing campaign, web site or banner-advert within seconds. Then, FreeAutobot posts an continuous series of follow-up e-mail's to each of these leads. The e-mail's are sent - each day, week, month or any combination thereof - you decide, you are in total control. Your Customers gain confidence in you and find it easier to take action on your offer. FreeAutobot start you off with 200 Follow-up Messages that can be sent out to each and every lead. If you want more ... simply ask. All FREE!

Extreme Tracking

          Need to check who's been on your site or what traffic is on it? Join Extreme Tracking! Free report of every visitor on your site. Great!

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