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    There is lot of great shareware applications on the net, but freeware good software is very hard to find. So I decided to help you, as much as I can, and give you  short descriptions of some great freeware applications and download links for them. Here you will find everything - internet tools, windows tools, links to freeware games, etc. I hope that you will enjoy in features that this page will give you.

        I paste most of explanation from downloading adresses, but as they are on this page you will not need my comment. I wote for all!


 was built with Nvu!

        Finally! A complete Web Authoring System for Linux desktop users as well as Microsoft Windows and Macintosh users to rival programs like FrontPage and Dreamweaver. Nvu (which stands for "new view") makes managing a web site a snap. Now anyone can create web pages and manage a website with no technical expertise or knowledge of HTML.
Download Nvu (6.6Mb)

Fake Email Mailer 1.0.0 by Fake Mailer

        Fake Mailer is a powerful anonymous e-mailer that allows you to send fake emails that appear to come from any email address. You may send fake emails spoofed from any domain and anonymous emails. Great for jokes! This program uses the anonymous email engine found at the fake-mailer. com site and does not require a SMTP mail server. You can spoof any email address and send it to anyone you like. You can also send attachments and HTML emails.
       Features: * Send fake emails * Spoof any From address * Send Attachments * Send Plain Text and HTML format

Mihov Picture Downloader

    Mihov Picture Downloader scans a page that you specify for each and every picture, that is linked from that page. Then it displays all pictures found and you can select only the pictures, that you would like to have downloaded. One click and download of all pictures starts. It's that easy!
    The program can even download images from behind the firewall, using the proxy host settings. Mihov Picture Downloader can even download graphics from password protected sites (but you still need the password!).
    In this new version even more html is supported, time outs are treated different, 100% CPU bug is fixed and download path is selectable. You can also choose to preview pictures as they are downloaded.
    The program is easy to use and it has step-by-step instructions for every click you make. In no more then five steps you will have your pictures on your hard drive, with no extra clicking! You can grab all graphics from one page instantly! Extensive help file is also available.


Mihov Gallery Creator

     Do you have a lot of pictures that you would like to show to people around the world and you just don't know how to create a link to all of them? Mihov Gallery Creator is the right thing for you. It creates friendly pages on which it puts your pictures. Of course every page has a link to the previous picture and the next picture, and to the index file that Mihov Gallery Creator makes for you. You choose page colors, fonts, title and file names exactly the way you like them. Then you can preview created gallery in your favorite browser and at the end Mihov Gallery Creator even helps you upload all the files to your homepage via FTP.
       The good thing is that there are no special requirements for the server: no need for scripting languages, no need for FrontPage extensions, no cgi. Just plain HTML!
       The program is very easy to use but very powerful. If you want to post your pictures to the internet, using Mihov Gallery Creator is the correct decision! You will find out that you like using Mihov Gallery Creator very much.
       The program will even make an index page with thumbnails and you will be able to add a custom description to each picture. If you have a digital camera you will be able to show the pictures to your friends in no time and without trouble.


Spam Revenge 2.0 by Steve Saroff

       Create your own Spam Revenge pages to post on your site. This program generates lists of random, fake, email addresses that are found by 'Spam-bots' and will dilute Spamer's email lists. This will cut down on the to spam that all of us receive.

Download Spam Revenge 2.0 (68kb)

Good Keywords V2

        Good Keywords is free Windows software tool from Softnik Technologies for finding the ideal set of keywords for targeting your web pages. Use Good Keywords to find suitable keywords sets, create your meta tags, brainstorm product ideas, etc.

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